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Have you tried Official Facebook Messenger for Windows 7 ? 9

The Facebook Messenger for Windows was released after many months of running it in beta phase. For those who haven’t downloaded as yet, you can now have it on your Windows 7 desktops and can get started with IM your friends 🙂

Now you won’t have to open any browser window for running Facebook as your chats will now pop-up from the bottom of your display just the way GTalk and other IM applications function. This messenger brings the side-bar located on the right side of the Facebook page on your desktop

This application provides access to three main Facebook features:

  1. Facebook Chat
  2. The new Ticker feed
  3. Notifications.

By clicking on the ticker, you will be redirected to Facebook.com. First and foremost, you must be logged into Facebook. After you click on the blue “Log In” button pictured above, you will redirected to the facebook.com/desktop/login webpage where Facebook explains that Messenger for Windows requires you stay logged in so that it can deliver chat and notification messages to your desktop. This means you will stay logged into Facebook even after you close your browser. To log out of Facebook, you will need to actually do so from Facebook Messenger for Windows.

Facebook has already hinted at a few upcoming features for the Messenger which will soon include Chatting with multiple friends, Group chat , Video calling,  Limiting chat availability, and Modifying settings

The Facebook Messenger app for Windows is more advanced than that for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, since it also offers ticker updates and real-time notifications .You can download Facebook Messenger app for Windows from this link. Get more info on this app in the Facebook Help Center.

I can’t deny that Facebook Messenger is a handy way to keep up with buddies. But if opening your browser and directing it to Facebook just seems lazy, Facebook Messenger for Windows is about to remove your excuse for not keeping in touch 😛

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  1. Reply locksmith lowell Mar 21,2012 10:05 pm

    thanks for sharing this it will be help me a lot

  2. Reply abhinav Mar 23,2012 12:05 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this post I need fb messenger very much. Once again thanks for info.

  3. Reply Balu Mar 26,2012 4:10 pm

    Thanks for posting this facebook software, its really needed for me, coz i can’t log in everytime to facebook in the browser, its really a helpful software for me.

  4. Reply Becca Mar 27,2012 5:31 am

    I installed facebook messenger in my laptop, it is more easier to use without opening your account onfacebook.
    Also the news feed from your friends you could see.

  5. Reply abshk Apr 3,2012 4:52 am

    thnx for sharing this with us..FB messenger is really amazing

  6. Reply Nichole Apr 4,2012 3:28 pm

    Honestly, I’m not into this but I think it deserves attention from the users as there are good feedback coming from using this application.

  7. Reply Balu Aug 21,2012 10:12 am

    Never knew official Facebook Messenger for windows, thanks for posting.

  8. Reply neha Sep 21,2012 11:36 am

    Hi Ajinkya! This is very wonderful and interesting Question for us. Yes i have used of Facebook massenager. Really its very easy to use it. Well thanks for sharing this post.

  9. Reply Ashitosh@indian price Mar 15,2013 5:51 pm

    Hi. Thank for that sharing this Facebook Messenger is Nice I am Using this application in my android phone this is good facility providing by Facebook.But It slows down Mobile speed.In computer also it become a slow

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