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How to Unlock Paid and Restricted Android and Amazon apps unavailable in your country 3

Geo-Restrictions is one of the biggest problem for Android users in Non-Recognized/Supported Countries . Geo-restrictions for apps in the Android/Amazon Marketplace is something you won’t hear many people talk about probably because they live in recognized countries where these apps are available. You get the “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country” message if the country you are living is not supported when trying to select your device. If you live outside US, you may face this issue.

The solution is to search for the apk file and install it but then it can be hazardous if that file turns out to be a  malware . To overcome this limitation, we have to change our phone data connection IP address and mobile phone carrier details.

If you live outside USA, you know how difficult it can be to get some of the hottest new apps that are inexplicably US-only . Market Unlocker is the app to overcome this limitation . The best thing is that its free 😉   Once installed [after rooting ], the app works like a proxy, and you can select the country with the app store you had like to access . For example –  a US device if you want access to the Amazon App Store. You can browse, buy, and download apps to your heart’s content.

The free version of this app requires you to find your own proxy server to use it.
However , if you are willing to spend $0.99 for the Pro version, you will get a list of suggested proxies .

This is not an illegal method as you cannot download paid apps without purchasing. So its safe to use as you wouldn’t get into any trouble  . This app can

  • Change mobile carrier details automatically by switching to flight mode or boot
  • Support HTTP, Socks4 and 5 proxies
  • Support Android market as well as Amazon Appstore
  • It is a tool you might use regularly to access unavailable apps, or the Free Apps of the Day on Amazon.

Tutorial :

Once installed

  1. Enable phone “Flight mode”
  2. Switch on “Enable Unlocker”.
  3. Add your proxy connection details.
  4. Now go to “Setting >Applications> Manage Applications”
  5. Tap on the “All” tab
  6. Search “Market” app
  7. Clear its cache and data”
  8. Reboot your phone.
  9. Turn off flight mode
  10. Turn on Wi-Fi or 3G connection and download apps that you want
  11. Again enable the default market and reboot the phone.

Switching Markets is damn easy and only takes a few seconds. There’s variety of options to choose from and plenty of control. Setting up a proxy to access the Amazon Market is trickier, however, and requires you to find a suitable proxy first. .If you want to access apps which are still not available in your country , then Market Unlocker is an essential tool for making this possible 🙂

Download : Market Unlocker FreeMarket Unlocker Pro

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    great new post. unlocking these apps is quite a worst problem for all of us however by using it we can enjoy these advanced apps in non registered countries also.

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    I was unaware that there were restrictions for countries on the android apps. That is just another reason that iPhone is the way to go!

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