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[ INFOGRAPHIC ] Casinos around the World and statistics 2

[ INFOGRAPHIC ] Casinos around the World and statistics
I was always amazed how Casino being a business model makes lots of money and so do the people winning there . Here is a handy info-graphic that breaks down perfectly and which should help you know more about it . Via: Casino Top Lists

The Unusual Funny Domain names List 9

The Unusual Funny Domain names List
There are zillions of educational and entertaining websites on the Internet today and then there are those that just don’t make any sense. Or some might make sense but when you look at the domain name you are once again finding yourself puzzled. God knows what were they thinking ? gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle.com No ! Doesnt get ...

Top 10 Crazy Programming Languages 9

Top 10 Crazy Programming Languages
                         If you are a hardcore programmer and think that you know all of the computer programming languages and there’s nothing left in the world then just hold on ! There are many many crazy and weird programming languages , you might have even not heard of ! Yes , they do work , there are ...

Programming Languages are Cars 4

Programming Languages are Cars
                       I came across an old mail containing an interesting article on how programming languages behave like cars. They do look very much believable if you know some of these languages . I have added some more modern languages to the list. Any suggestions are welcome! Enjoy… Assembler: A formula I race car. Very Very fast ...

Twitter FAIL Hilarious Pics 5

Twitter FAIL Hilarious Pics
As you probably already know, Twitter is more hotter and viral than ever 🙄 . Everyone seems to be tweeting these days about anything and everything that’s on .In fact, most people are always hanging around on twitter everyday including myself . This is a huge list consisting of 14 Handpicked Hilarious Twitter FAIL comic pics ...

Slangs for – I Love You 4

Slangs for - I Love You
                            One topic that never seems to be covered when discussing or introducing folks is the insane number of acronyms you sometimes need to remember and use unwillingly in life . The reason I designed this page to be a hub for all the acronyms you might encounter .Here is why – It will be harsh to know ...