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So ,
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      You are interested in leaving a genuine comment in BLOG404.com and get an one-way free Do-Follow quality backlinks in return along with your latest blog post visible via CommentLuv , eh ? Thats why , you are reading this 😉

Thanks a lot for landing on this page . Do read it if you want your comments to be visible and get some good SEO and PR juice for your blog 😛 .

      Following are damn easy and simple policies to comment in order to get max advantage of this Do-Follow blog .

  1. Use only your real name or Blog name . And not full url of your blog as Name . You can use keywords but after your Blog / Your name like Harry @ Twitter Hacks . I will soon install the KeywordLuv wordpress plugin in this blog, so till then use yourrealname @ keywords as your name while leaving a comment.
  2. Leave unique comment and not simply copy – paste already commented one with mere editing of two – three words .Such comments will be deleted at once !
  3. Even Comments like “Great Post!” or “I like this post!” or “Cool post ” or any such kind of miserable invaluable comments will not be accepted . If you dont have an idea about the post then please dont waste your time to just think something of and comment unnecessarily ! Simply leave the page and read another blog post , and if its familiar to you , Do Comment – “HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO BE HEARD !
  4. Too small comment will not be accepted . A 2-3 liner one would be acceptable.
  5. Avoid using fowl language. Its okay to argue but with maturity ant not by racism or harsh offensive manner . Show some respect for the blog, blogger and fellow readers while leaving a comment.

     In Addition, this blog has installed the wordpress plugin Lucia’s Linky Love, if you’re new to this blog and just want to leave a comment with your link to take advantage of the dofollow link juice, and never come back again? With the help of Lucia’s Linky Love, your comment won’t be dofollow if you leave less than 5 comments in this blog. So , one time link marketers Beware ! Thus you need to come 5 time to comment here 🙂 However if you comment on 5 blog posts all at once , All comments will be instantly deleted 😉

Failure to comply with any of the above policies will result in your comment being marked as spam and deleted. Otherwise, I’ll have the full right to modify the comment to make it complying with the policies.I appreciate everyone who takes the time to leave comment on my blog, but I want genuine comments rather than borderline comment spam. So please do me a favor if you want to get one-way Do-Follow backlinks.

Thank a lot 🙂

Nice Patience 😉

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