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Instagram is one of the most popular mobile app that turns anyone into a decent photographer with its supercool user-friendly mindblowing filters and thus was the single most important mobile app acquisition to date . In case you haven’t heard , Facebook had bought Instagram for a whooping $1 billion . The reason it was hyped was that it was only available for iphone and ipad users ! And now , even its available for android users . And I think it will take more time for Instagram to support Blackberry and Nokia smartphones and never it will be available for desktop . Reason : It will spoil the image of being a mobile photo-sharing social network .

However there are some Desktop apps out there to enhance your experience of Instagram and access some pretty cool features, including news feeds and private messaging . So , if you dont have any device which supports Instagram , look no further ! Here is the compiled list of the best Mac and PC desktop Instagram clients 🙂

1] Instagrille

This desktop app from Pokki integrates Instagram into the very heart of your PC routine.  Instagrille gifts PC users with the rich photo-browsing and commenting traits of the Instagram for iPhone application. The desktop app features feed, popular and profile views, and supports comments and “likes” . The application is available as a FREE download though Pokki .

2] Extragram

Extragram is Instagram for the web . Extragram stands out from the other web apps . It is content- and provides consistent user experience and has a descent keyboard navigation working reasonably well. You can choose how you view photos via Extragram, whether in a simple grid, a filmstrip with thumbnails below, or by location.  I highly recommend giving it a shot.

3] Gramfeed

Another alternative for visualizing the images that people are uploading to Instagram. Gramfeed’s UI is a little crowdy but there are some pretty interesting features in there. Google Maps integration displays where the photos in your feed are coming from, in addition to the feed itself, which hovers users’ photos on top. You can switch between your likes, photos, and popular images as well. There’s also a search bar to look for photos, users, and places. You have the option of keeping your Gramfeed specific profile private.

4] Inkstagram

Inkstagram is the most famous browser-based Instagram option. And it’s simple enough: you view your feed, personal photos, and likes in a grid format. This application also gives you the ability to search and create hashtag albums. You can additionally search for users.

5] Visual Grub

This is a new addition to the Instagram-at-the-desktop category for Macs. It’s a FREE download from the Mac App Store that streams your feed, popular photos, and your favorites in real-time. Clicking on an image will pop it out from the desktop app so you can comment or like it. Offline viewing is also an option.

6] Instadesk

There is no application more fully-featured than this. The download issues you an iTunes-like service that showcases your photos, friends, feed, popular photos, and lets you take your insta-addiction to new heights. You can create slideshows, enable desktop notifications, dub contacts your “favorite friends,” download and share images, and browse tags. It’s $4.99 from the Mac App Store.

7] Carousel

Carousel is another Mac-only application, and this one is more style than substance. With a minimalist UI, you view photos in a single column and can choose between different themes as a background to contrast them against. You can get a 15-day free trial of Carousel, which is $4.99 for keeps.

8] InstaDM

instaDM offers a unique private messaging experience on Instagram. Initially launched as a web app, an iOS version app is also available .The only app that allowss you to access your Instagram contacts and start private messages .

9] Postagram

Postagram uses the Instagram API and requires that users have an Instagram login and the app installed on their iPhone. This allows you to send a real-life postcard to someone with Instagram integration. Through the Postagram app, you simply snap any photo on Instagram, select the recipient and they’ll be sent the postcard in the post, along with a personalised message. A really nice way of taking Instagram from online to offline and making the most of the beautiful  😀

10] Calendagram

Another offline Instagram app here. It allows you to turn your Instagram snaps into a calendar with delivery taking just a few days . All you have to do is to choose 12 pictures from your Instagram account by tapping on them. When you’re done, you can preview what your calendar would look like. And then, if you’re happy with the results, you can have it ordered and delivered to your doorstep.

Before using any of these awesome services you should get an Instagram first 😛 !

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What are your favourite Instagram apps?

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