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Top 12 Skype Extras to enhance Skyping 11

        Skype Extras are Extensions developed from Skype API’s that allow third-party developers to create their own offerings that make use of, or incorporate as a conversation tools . The Skype Extras backend, called Skype Publishing Studio, included an engine where developers could establish licensing terms (including allowing trials and periodic subscription renewals) and incorporate a transaction engine for payments via Skype Credits.

        However Skype Extras as a marketing program have come to an end long back ago and no new software or upgrades will be certified for, or included in the Skype Extras offering  . But its good news that prevailing Skype Extras will continue to be available via the Skype for Windows client .

        If you are proud Windows User you should definitely check out skype addons .  Here is a short review on top 10 Skype extras powering Skype’s functionality in various cool ways.

1] Pamela for Skype – Professional Version (Commercial/ Free basic version available)

        With over 3 million downloads it has been a very popular Skype addon. Its features include Skype call/video/chat recording, call transfer, answering machine, videomail, auto chat reply, birthday reminders. email forwarding, contact personalization, Skype Publishing, etc . A must have addon 8) !

2] Synqit (Free version)

        Sync your Outlook, Google GMail, Yahoo!, Plaxo and mobile contacts with Skype contacts .  Quick and Handy Tool .

3] WhiteBoardMeeting (Commercial/ Basic version free)

WhiteBoardMeeting allows users to create content by drawing vector graphics, inserting text and images, and sharing them it. Thus it makes possible for all users to see each other creating and editing content right away. Indeed creative extension 😀

4] Fring –  (Freeware )

        Take IM buddies with this plugin . Chat with many networks Fring supports on Skype , just like multi network supported Instant Messenger .

5] uSeeToo (Donationware)

        With uSeeToo you can create content with text, images, and graphics to share with your contacts. It can be used as for purposes which vary from eLearning applications to product presentations, demos, drawing lines on whiteboards, sharing maps, remote collaboration, etc.

6] Skip2PBX (Commercial)

        Skip2PBX integrates Skype with PBX system and VoIP services. It creates a communication infrastructure that allows you to take advantage of Skype without altering your existing telephone exchange and landlines setup.

7] RemoteX (Commercial/Trial available on request)

        RemoteX allows you to share your desktop with another user through Skype. Just by clicking on Tools > Do More and selecting the RemoteX icon, you can share your desktop or view your contact’s desktop.

8] JiWire Hotspot Finder (Freeware)

        JiWire Hotspot Finder finds a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world from a database of more than 200,000 hotspots in more than 135 countries. It lets you search on specific keywords like “cafe” or “hotel” and even by actual venue names like “McDonalds”. It provides reports on the local weather and traffic. You can also get directions by clicking on a location on the map.

9] PrettyMay Recorder and Sharer (Commercial/ Free basic version available)

        PrettyMay Call Recorder and Sharer for Skype allows you to record any calls/Skypecasts/conferences in mp3 or wav format, save Skype voicemails as mp3 or wav files, and share call recordings/voicemails/Sound files.

10] Pando (Commercial/Basic version Free)

        It adds advanced file transfer functionality to Skype. It lets you transfer files and folders to Skype contacts, and generate URLs for files/folders you want to share over the Web.

11] Blubell (Commercial / Free To Try)

Blubell allows you to control Skype from your Bluetooth headset. You can make Skype calls through voice dialing, accept Skype calls by pressing the headset button, and use Skype as normal but without having to sit in front of the computer.

12] Townkings (Freeware)

        Feel the real life! It’s a Local and map based community where you can localize yourself and communicate with your local surrounding. contact and invite your friends via skype. organize meetings and events. townkings is your personal and private assistent! Features  all-in-one communication ,  meeting widget , free dating , locations on map , ebay trading .


13] Anothr (Freeware)

        It is one and only 1st Skype-based RSS Reader . A robot which can provides just-in-time alerts for your favorite feeds . It’s very simple to use by adding “Anothr.com” as a new skype contact, then dragdrop url or chat with the contact to subscribe your favorite feeds.

For the list of all Extras check Skype’s Official Extras Page

11 thoughts on “Top 12 Skype Extras to enhance Skyping

  1. Reply Hung Oct 27,2010 10:50 am

    In Vietnam, Yahoo Messenger is the most popular. I want to use Skype but my friends like using YM. I have no other choice.

    • Reply Ajinkya Nov 1,2010 11:10 am

      Yeah Hung , Yahoo is still loved by many people more than gtalk , skype and msn messenger .
      However with the cool plugins skype features , Skype is the way to go !

  2. Reply Ileane Oct 27,2010 12:11 pm

    Wow, this is any eye-opener. I had no idea that Skype had all of these little helpers. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll reshare!

  3. Reply Karen Nov 2,2010 2:36 pm

    I think I am one of the few that still havn’t even used Skype yet, maybe I should get myself using it 😉

    • Reply Ajinkya Nov 3,2010 6:51 am

      Thanks a lot for your comment Karen
      I am using skype and it has the best quality of video+audio chat than gtalk , msn or yahoo messenger
      And with recent Skype and Facebook integration , skype will be given more importance and hype 😛
      Do check it out .

  4. Reply shashank chinchli Nov 9,2010 1:11 am

    Good list of freewares dude:)
    m wondering from where to start trying them!!

  5. Reply ielts Dec 3,2010 10:03 am

    There is no alternative of Yahoo messenger. Yahoo also provide us facility of open chat.

  6. Reply reehasmith@ louisvuittonreplicahandbags Mar 21,2011 2:55 pm

    I recently starts using skype ,the main feature i found here is the best clear voice messenger without any disturbance…i also starts enjoying this plugin as regular user

  7. Reply Andrew Clarke@primelending texas Sep 30,2011 2:39 am

    I’ve been using Skype for business use for years now but I must say that a lot of its extras are new to me. Glad to have stopped by and found this post. I could use a lot of the extras enumerated here. Thanks for sharing.

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