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List of top 25 Free Temporary Disposable Email Providers

Back in 2012 I had published a list of 5 free tools to share and protect your email address which proved to be useful to a lot of people.  Eventually Internet has become a home to spam and millions of spam bots crawl the web continuously to find new email addresses and bombard them with spam mails thus killing their productivity. Many a times you need an email address to register for an account online but you don’t want to end up getting spammed.  The best way to combat this situation is to get a temporary or disposable email inbox. There are such services that provide you a temporary email address  and in this way you do not need to expose your real email address.

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These disposable email services will

  • Protect you from spam emails
  • Require no sign-up
  • Automatically expire after a certain time period

Listed below is a list of 20 best temporary/disposable email services that provide you give you a temporary email inbox which are totally spam free and needs no registration or sign up. Have a try and see if it works for you.

  1. 10 Minute Mail
  2. Fakemailgenerator
  3. SpamBog
  4. Dead Address
  5. Guerrillamail
  6. Jetable
  7. Incognito Email
  8. Koszmail
  9. Mailcatch
  10. Mailinator
  11. Mailnesia
  12. My Trash Mail
  13. NoClickEmail
  14. Spam Spot
  15. Spamavert
  16. Spamfree24
  17. Disposable
  18. Temp Email
  19. Thrashmail.ws
  20. Yopmail

Let us know if you know more such services in the comments below 🙂

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