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List of Unknown but Cool Wikipedia Tools and Tricks 14

        Wikipedia is an online free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute to and without a doubt one of the greatest World Wide Web’s wonders with it’s every page getting at least page rank 6 and its Alexa Rank being 7 . The most accurate and updated information is found nowhere else but only in Wikipedia – The father of all encyclopedias .

You can master the art of using Wikipedia and make it more productive after reading its cool applications , hacks , tips and tweaks mentioned below :

Download the full Wikipedia Encyclopedia

        Sounds too cool and  unheard of ! Even I had no idea that everything can be downloaded until I dug more about Wikipedia.  Now you can easily download the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia collection . The current dump is the 2008-03 edition. You can decompress the archives with Zip format. For  XML and SQL dumps you need to download from here .

Read Wikipedia Pages without Internal Links

        There are huge number of internal links in almost 5 words per line in any article . This can be very Eye unfriendly and can be nuisance when you copy paste all the stuff in your project and see colorful links here and there .
But if you like to read Wikipedia articles without links,then you need to modify the URL of that particular article . For that , go to your browser address bar and add &printable=yes at the end of that URL .  Alternatively, click the “Printable version” link in the sidebar.

Before: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blogging
After: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blogging&printable=yes

The Disambiguation function of Wikipedia

        In simple words , this is used to quickly list down Wikipedia entries that relates to a similar keyword . And its a super time saver as you can find all related entries in single page instantly . For example, to list down all entries that are related to the word “BLOG” (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, etc.), type in

Blog (disambiguation) in wiki search Box .

Here are the results :

A blog is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order.

Blog may also refer to: short for ” web log ”
  • Blog 27, a Polish musical group fronted by Tola Szlagowska
  • Alcohol, in science-fiction-fandom slang
  • BladeLogic, a software company with stock ticker BLOG
  • B.L.O.G., a 2009 album by rhythm and blues singer, Kandi Burruss

Most Accuracy via Wikirage

        Through Wikirage , you can search for article having most edits . Naturally , the more edits , the more updated article and most accurate one !  This site lists the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time. Popular people in the news, the latest fads, and the hottest video games can be quickly identified by monitoring this social phenomenon.


SMS Wikipedia Search

        One of the most fabulous and handy feature . You can get the results from Wikipedia via sms just by texting the words ABOUT  keyword to 23907 and you will get back a link to a mobile-friendly, shortened Wikipedia page.  This text messaging interface to the Wikipedia is provided by SMS service GoLive! Mobile .Similarly it is possible to get the RSS News Feeds via SMS too . Standard sms rates will apply as per your service carrier.

        If you are having GPRS enabled cell phone ,  then you can search Wikipedia using wapedia. This is an app  supporting various languages. One of the cool feature is that if a Wikipedia article is particularly long, Wapedia will split it into multiple page so they load faster on your phone similar to Google Transcoder .

Find similar content in Wikipedia

        Similpedia is a tool in which you can checkout where a specific para or line appears in all Wikipedia content . Very useful to find relevant English Wikipedia articles that have similar content to a blog, news article, or an entire web page. If you would like to see what Wikipedia has in stock on certain topic of your choice, paste a URL or a paragraph in the search box and then click “Find Similar“.

Wikipedia Articles Near Your Home

        First of all go to Google Maps and Just type the address of your home in the search box and turn on the Wikipedia layer [ Available in the top right corner of the map ]

When you zoom in and you will see markers resembling the Wikipedia icon. Click to read a summary of the corresponding Wikipedia article.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Nothing can be fast and smooth unless you know the smart hot keys . You can use them to access certain features of Wikipedia more quickly.

Link :

And finally Bonus : [ For Curious People ]

How Wikipedia Works : Details

        Read all about the history, the people behind Wikipedia, the principles and more about them here:

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