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Ultimate list of 20 Tools to share music on twitter [ Alphabetical Order ] 2

             Twitter is something  like –  you love it or hate it , but you can’t simply ignore it ! It has become too much part of lives and its applications are being used rigorously here and there , almost everywhere not only online but also in practical life . Now Developers have found lot of creative and innovative ways to enrich short and limiting 140 characters – by sharing out . Now you have lots and lots of choices to listen ,  share  and tweet about your music you love  .

             I really love sharing interesting stuff online with my friends and followers and that include my favorite music tracks , artists , albums so that people can come to know of them and give recommendations and share their likes / dislikes 😛 and extend twitter conversation .  Looks like there are more apps and tools to share your favorite tunes on Twitter  .

Below is the ultimate  list of all such websites with which you can share music with your twitter-pals . I haven’t  checked all of em personally but i came to know from search engines and from friends .

Just be 10 sec registering and connecting your twitter account , you can stream and listen  , download and tweet your loved  music easily and instantly all over the web. Here are 20 such tools in alphabetical order :

  1. Blip.fm
  2. Grooveshark
  3. Hype Machine
  4. Imeem
  5. Last.fm
  6. LastFMLoveTweet
  7. ShoutCast
  8. Musebin
  9. Song.ly
  10. SongTwit
  11. SoundCloud
  12. Swift.fm
  13. TheSixtyOne
  14. Tinysong
  15. Twisten.fm
  16. TwittyTunes
  17. Twiturm
  18. Twt.fm
  19. jamWee
  20. YouTube

          I am familiar with almost 10 to 12 of them . Most of these tools besides Twitter allows you to share  music on Facebook ,  MySpace, Google Buzz and some other social networks .

Do you have any other music sharing websites for Twitter ?

Do Share with us by adding a comment.

          And don’t forget to let me know which one is your favorite 😀

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  1. Reply ielts Oct 22,2010 8:09 am

    I am fond of music and hopefully I will explore each of them. I often feel that music is tonic for my soul.

  2. Reply Khabri Chacha May 8,2011 4:51 pm

    I am a music lover, and really want my facebook fans to listen to music on my page, any idea, how to do this trick on facebook pages ??? I am really waiting for reply

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