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Twitter is now such an integral part of daily lives that anything and everything is being done on Twitter. Some time back  I wrote  10 Reasons why everyone should have a Twitter and How to Use it effectively  .The keyword  ‘Jobs’ was mentioned as the series of jobs a person holds in their life is their carrier .  A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business and thus requires lots of advertising in order to stand out from the rest  . And where else can we find huge opportunities and free advertising other than twitter 😀 ?

And with thousands of applications launching every month , it was not beyond expectations that people would think about job hunters and create Twitter apps for them.

Here’s a list of all such apps that can be very helpful for both the job seekers and the recruiters:

One way to search for jobs in Twitter is to use several keywords of your desired job and/or the company name and see if you come up with anything. However, there is really no need to re-invent the wheel since there are a lot of twitter apps that do that for you.

1] TwitJobSearch

One of the most simple yet powerful job search engine for Twitter using semantic tools to scan job postings on Twitter and bring them to you. If you like something you see, you can ReTweet it, follow the user or express an interest.

At this moment of writing this post

991,774 new jobs in the last 30 days.

1,588 new jobs in the last 1 hour.

That’s pretty cool 😉

2] TweetMyJOBS

Again great network having open positions from thousands of companies worldwide – all waiting to arrive instantly on your cell phone or computer.

Search for jobs using TweetMap, a Google Maps enabled job tool 8)

Access to thousands targeted Job Channels, so you only get the jobs that match your profile in your feed .INSTANT notification of new jobs in your Twitter feed or on your mobile device

3] TweeterView

A great concept combining interview and tweeting TweeterView that allows you to conduct interviews by tweeting your questions and responses. The questions and answers are highlighted in separate colors for easy reading and interviews are stored online for later reviews 😈 . People can choose to do a real-time interview, as well as retain the whole interview to link to & from their blog or news articles without giving up precious screen time for the whole interview.

4] TwitSume

Build your online profile by sharing your resume with your Twitter network .
View other people’s resumes within your Twitter network
Capture your resume in a professional format and export email-able and printable versions . Very sleek interface and handy tool .

5] TwitRes

Similar to TwitSume and you can create and share your resume on Twitter easily.  When somebody clicks on the shortened URL for your resume, they will be able to view it in the original format. Again a very handy tool when you are trying to submit a complete resume and want to be professional.

6] TwtJobs

It is one of the Twapp tool and is a simple career manager for Twitter letting you create a resume or post a job, both in 140 characters or less. Simply enter the details like your skills, experience, education and industry and TwtJobs will create a 140 character resume that you can tweet.

7]  TwitHire

TwitHire is a listing of jobs that have been posted on Twitter. The details include information about the location and the company. All the jobs are separated into different categories like design, programming and many others completely related to freelance services   .

8] TweetBeep

And if you have tried all the other 7 mentioned above and still  have not found a job on Twitter yet , don’t give up. Simply sign-up with TweetBeep and enter keywords including your desired role, location or name of the company. TweetBeep will send you an email alert whenever somebody includes your specified keywords in their tweets. Includes free as well as Premium Alerts . One of the best tool to just check out posting you want by simply reading emails :mrgreen:

Thats all folks !

If you are familiar with any more such tools do share via Comments 😮

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    These lists are excellent, and social medias are the powerful ways to find everything.I think it is useful for me since i am searching SEO jobs…

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    In this type of economy one can never expect too many job search tools.
    Its a great resource that deserves to be spread , so I retweeted this twitter resource !

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    Cool collections dude 🙂 Great going

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    Wow so many tools , gr8 news …
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  6. Reply James Mayes Oct 25,2010 8:26 am

    You can also check out http://www.tweetjobs.net – we help companies optimise their Twitter stream. If you want to see who we’re helping, check out this link – it simply pulls up a search of the most recent tweets we’ve delivered on behalf of recruiters.


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    Thanks for this post, it is exactly what I needed…@TankumsLegacy

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