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Mylikes Review | Best Network to Monetize your Twitter 13

            People are using twitter in super-cool ways like interacting with the whole world , searching for jobs , promotion/advertising their business for free and Making Money Online . If you too have a twitter [ Read why you need to have ] then you could earn some good bucks by just Tweeting out a sponsored tweet !  There are heaps of advertising networks which pays twitter user for tweeting out ads set by advertiser . In this post I will be reviewing Mylikes which I believe is the best network to monetize your twitter and will surely convert your tweets into quick money 😀

MyLikes logo earn from twitter by sponsored tweets

About MyLikes:

            Mylikes was initially a Bookmarking site by the name Likaholix that was started up by two former Google employees and now its more or less like twitter advertising network featuring sponsored tweets . The concept behind Mylikes is to register your “likes” on the site just like stumbles for stumbleupon and diggs for Digg .You submit your likes and can then find out what your friends and people in your network like too.

Features :

            You can Post link to twitter and facebook simultaneously when you connect with Facebook and give access to twitter account right through Mylikes .It is integrated with Facebook, Twitter , posterous ,tumblr , wordpress  and Friendfeed too and you can import reviews from yelp and amazon .Mylikes have taken the new concept of advertising along with Bookmarking  – You bookmark your fav links , tweet out sponsored ADS , or choose which ads [ sponsored tweets ] to place on your websites .
This gives every chance and benefit to both publisher and advertiser by targeting huge audience on twitter , websites , blogs , facebook ( Higher CTR and Good $ 😉 )

            When you register here, you get to choose niches you are interested in or your blog or website could be placed in . This whole stuff goes to advertisers. Based on that , Advertisers provides you with the summary of the sponsored tweet , price per tweet and price for every click made and countries [Mostly USA ] for clicks from which you will be paid . Any earnings more than $2 will be sent to your PayPal account once a week before weekend [ Friday ] . That’s super-duper cool as it is [ i believe ] the only network that pays instantly with the least payout of only two dollars ! Even SponsoredTweets and Magpie holds your payment till you cross 50$ . What could be better than that ?

Just remember not to over promote or do too many sponsored tweets or you will end up with losing followers at faster rate or might be listed as spam/ bot . You can post sponsored tweet only once in a day while there is no limit to like other regular links .
Here is glimpse of Mylikes Widget

However , you can tweak it as you want and completely change the look via CSS 😈

Payments :

            Payments are done using PayPal. The CPC ( Cost Per Click ) is constantly adjusted based on your influence , relevancy and depending on your number of followers it will vary . If you have around 1000 followers then you get paid around 0.15 $ per click on your tweet while for followers up to 10,000 price is around 0.85 $ ! You get paid once your balance is over $2 and it’s done every Friday.  Credit clicks reflected every 48 hours. MyLikes needs time to process all clicks to make sure it’s legit. So you just have to wait 2 days before you can see your clicks results.

My Experience :

            I had registered this website when it was in Beta and I hadn’t read the Terms and conditions . I was just checking Campaigns and tweeted a random sponsored tweet and after two or three days I got around 3 $ on my paypal ! I was very surprised as I didn’t know how and when Mylikes Pays . And soon after I dugg more about Mylikes and it became my fav destination and from that very day I hop on to MyLikes every two or three days of the week .

You can imagine how much can I make per month only via Mylikes by just checking the number of followers I have on twitter . Check my Twitter Profile

Final Verdict :

            There’s no harm in using Mylikes to earn money from twitter . Just make sure you choose relevant tweet fitting your twitter character . If you are a blogger , dont tweet about ornaments or beauty products 😛 Instead make more bucks by tweeting out relevant content you blog out . In this way your readers wont mind it and you will get more clicks . If you are using networks like SponsoredTweets and Magpie then definitely go for Mylikes . Overall Mylikes is a systematic , fun and easy way to share and discuss your likes and discover new ones with people you know much like social networking and a great place to post tweets as a twitter publisher to make money the easiest way!

So ………………..

            ready to give Mylikes a shot and earn some quick cash for just tweetin out ?

Here’s how :

  • First of all Sign-up for MyLikes (I would be happy if you use my affiliate link :mrgreen:  )
  • Fill out your Profile.
  • Link your Twitter and Facebook Account . ( Facebook is optional )
  • You will see somewhere highlighted  ‘become a Influencer’.
  • Click on it and fill out your niches and all that profile stuff .You are ready to make money  !For that check on Campaigns where you will find the list of all sponsored ads ready to be tweeted out .

How simple as it could be !
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13 thoughts on “Mylikes Review | Best Network to Monetize your Twitter

  1. Reply Suresh Khanal Nov 1,2010 9:35 am

    Heard a lot high about myLikes a couple of times. Sayed was using MyLikes and I read his post for the first time. When communicating with the friends over social network, Ileane too referred it saying it earns her some money to buy some credit on commentLuv. And this is another post I’m reading on your blog.

    Done great job man, it really lucrative after going through the experience you’ve related. I guess, I’ll check the opportunity.

    • Reply Ajinkya Nov 1,2010 11:16 am

      Yeh Mylikes is now going viral and is blogger’s most loved twitter ad network with lots and lots of bloggers coming on Mylikes . Do check it out and let us know how does it work for you …
      Thanks a million for your comment Suresh ! I appreciate it 🙂

  2. Reply Tuan@Online Technology News Nov 2,2010 11:56 am

    I joined Mylikes on its first days and had some followers there, however I haven’t got paid a single time. It is quite difficult to earn click from the US.

    • Reply Ajinkya Nov 2,2010 12:31 pm

      Thanks a lot for your visit and comment Tuan !
      Well , Mylikes “actually” works if you have huge number of followers . The more followers you have , the more CPC . About earnings , yeh – Only US clicks are taken into consideration but still if you strive for huge followers , tweeples from US will automatically increase as majority of twitter users are from US ,so that will be graciously cool 😉

  3. Reply Android App Development Nov 3,2010 6:07 am

    I have never tried monetizing via twitter. ‘MYLIKES’ looks like interesting should try this soon.

    • Reply Ajinkya Nov 3,2010 6:55 am

      Yeah dude , MyLikes is one of the best network to make money via twitter and it has serious potential to make money and there is huge market with lots of advertisers and publishers
      Do try it out 😀

  4. Reply Kavita Nov 15,2010 4:25 pm

    I read about it somewhere else too. You have mentioned very nicely. I have just now joined below you. I have retweeted this post too. One question. Can one add more than one twitter account. Revtwt and Twivert allows multiple twitter accounts

    • Reply Ajinkya Nov 15,2010 5:20 pm

      Only 1 twitter account can be added per email address on mylikes but if you have more than 1 twitter account ,you can create that many number of mylikes accounts and give the same paypal email address so that whatever money you make from any of the account , will be paid to a single paypal account 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your comment and RT 😀

  5. Reply 1skyliner Nov 15,2010 7:13 pm

    I joined Mylikes and had some followers there,Thanks for the article. I liked reading it

  6. Reply fred loya insurance Feb 13,2011 11:18 am

    I have first time read about this site and will sure myself member of this network. I think I will create a good network of Mylikes,twitter and facebook

  7. Reply Viral Mar 12,2011 6:15 pm

    Long time ago, I have used this source but now many more are available sponsoredtweets is one I am currently using, its good

  8. Reply louis vuitton replica handbags Apr 4,2011 4:39 pm

    I really use my likes but this site have a problem that the traffic is very low in number for online marketers but the features theya re providing are very useful and attractive

  9. Reply Simon Jun 5,2011 8:58 pm

    When i seen 404 at the top i thought it was an error on my page lol, great post tho!

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