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The Ultimate list of all 150 QR code Generator tools 20

The QR Codes are an effective and powerful marketing medium . There are an abundance of QR Code Generators. Most are free, some offer tracking analytics . QR Code Generators are workable for the following information types:

  1. URL,
  2. Services (such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.),
  3. Google Maps,
  4. Contact information,
  5. Email address,
  6. Phone number,
  7. SMS to phone number,
  8. SMS to short code,
  9. Text,
  10. RSS feed.

And here goes “The Ultimate list of all QR code Generator tools” in Ascending order 😀

  1. 2 Tag
  2. 2D CodeMe
  3. Andrew Champ, Code Monkey
  4. AT&T Create-a-Code
  5. AzonMedia
  6. Barcode.com
  7. BeeTagg
  8. BeQRious
  9. BeQRious Tracker
  10. bin.nu
  11. bit.ly
  12. bitQR
  13. Bosqweb
  14. Business Card QR Code
  15. BuzziTag
  16. ConnectMeQR
  17. Contact Square
  18. CreateQRcode
  19. Delivr – Custom QR codes
  20. Facebook – AzonMedia
  21. FireFox Mobile Barcoder
  22. GO QR me
  23. goo.gl
  24. Good-Survey
  25. i-nigma
  26. iFlymobi
  27. ilocalmobile
  28. InsQRribe
  29. INVX
  30. ItsMyURLs
  31. JumpScan
  32. JustScan.It
  33. Kaywa
  34. Kerem Erkan’s QR Code and 2D Code Generator
  35. KimTag
  36. Likify – Facebook Like
  37. Linkblots
  38. linQR.to
  39. Lynkee
  40. Maestro
  41. Metal Elephant
  42. Mirascape
  43. Mobile Barcoder – FireFox add-on
  44. Mobile Fish
  45. Mobile-Barcodes
  46. MobileFish
  47. MQR – MustQR
  48. MyCod.es
  49. MyQR
  50. MySkynet
  51. Online QR Lab
  52. PingTags
  53. ProductScape
  54. QGen.ca
  55. QR Business Card
  56. QR Channel
  57. QR code – Adobe Air – generator
  58. QR Code Base
  59. QR Code Genius
  60. QR Code Pros
  61. QR code.Good-Survey
  62. QR Codemaker 2.0
  63. QR Codes by Winksite
  64. QR Droid / QR Droid Private
  65. QR Gen (Mac-desktop)
  66. QR Generator on Facebook
  67. QR Gold
  68. QR Jumps
  69. QR Now
  70. QR Planet
  71. QR Stenciler & QR Hobo Codes
  72. QR Wild
  73. QR-Me.fr
  74. QR.cx
  75. QR.net
  76. QR4 – Branded QR Codes®
  77. QR4 – QRCode
  78. QR4.nl – Batch
  79. QRaffitiCodes
  80. QRafter
  81. QRals
  82. QRcode.littleidiot
  83. QRcore
  84. QRdvark
  85. QReateAndTrack
  86. QReateBuzz
  87. QReative.altervista
  88. QReativeShirt
  89. QRf.in
  90. QRicket Codes
  91. QRifier
  92. QRilize
  93. QRinkle
  94. QRjuice
  95. QRK.co
  96. QRme
  97. QRmediaCodes
  98. QRmediaGuide
  99. QRmobilize
  100. QRplz
  101. QRreader.air
  102. QRSocializeMe
  103. QRstuff
  104. QRw.ee
  105. QRzilla
  106. Quantum – Desktop
  107. Queaar
  108. QuickMark
  109. QuikQR
  110. quiQR
  111. quirify!
  112. QuiryMe
  113. Qweb
  114. Raco
  115. RedLaser
  116. Scan Life
  117. Shakespeare
  118. ShareSquare
  119. smallQR
  120. Snap Vu
  121. SnapMaze
  122. SnapMyInfo
  123. Social QR Code
  124. soQR – French
  125. SPARQ code
  126. StickerScan
  127. TA.GY
  128. Tag Street, Real Estate
  129. Tagginn
  130. Tagomobile
  131. Tappinn
  132. TapReader – QR Code
  133. Tec-It QR Code Biz Cards
  134. The 2d Code
  135. ToggleTo
  136. Toor.me
  137. Twi-QR
  138. UniTag
  139. Vanity – QR code
  140. Vanity QR Code Generator
  141. Wasp
  142. WidgetBox
  143. Wikkit
  144. YouScan.me
  145. Zebra Crossing – ZXing
Create the QR Code that works best for you with these tools. You can even shorten the URL, choose the QR code size (Small, medium or Large), or download the QR code as PNG or EPS file.
Do you have any other QR code generators? Share with us by adding your comment below 🙂

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    I only use goo.gl, being the google fan I am, and I have heard of others like SnapVu, but I didn’t know there were so many of them. Although I’ve never need anything other then goo.gl for my use, but this list is insane!


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  12. Reply Murray Lunn Oct 7,2011 3:03 am

    Haha, that’s a little overkill but absolutely awesome; I had know of about five or so, didn’t know there were so many out there now – hopefully we see QR codes begin to take off in the States.

  13. Reply Gary Ashton@Nashville foreclosures Oct 7,2011 5:15 pm

    QR code is one of the most impressive medium to communicate or transfer data between two parties, and more of the above it also helps one to keep tracking and let you know how it is performing or how is accessing your details …
    but before coming to this post i knew only one or two QR code generator , but you have provided whole bunch of generator … amazing ….
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    With today’s tech it’s easier than ever to read QR code, multiple apps in the iOS family allows you to do it, same with android, even blackberry has a built in QR reader. We been doing QR stuff for some time, if you want we can help you out…

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