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How to receive SMS online without having a Phone

Many sites make use of codes which are sent to your mobile phone as an SMS to verify you to sign up for a service offered by them just like email verification system . The aim is very similar to CAPTCHA for determining real users and preventing the same user from having multiple accounts except it is done through a phone number. It can be problematic if you don’t have a cell phone! 🙁  Also it can be a mess if you get notified every now and then. Plus if you are not comfortable or are not sure if the site asking for your number is legit or for some reason you need to receive text messages online on your computer rather than your phone, here are the various sites to where you can receive SMS online and help you in the phone verification.

  1. FreeOnlinePhone.org
  2. ReceiveSMSOnline.net
  3. ReceiveFreeSMS.com
  4. Receive-SMS.com
  5. Twilio
  6. Sellaite 
  7. Pinger
  8. TextNow
  9. Receive-SMS-Online.com
  10. GRE.im

These tools will surely help bypass SMS Verification 😀


Virtual Mobile numbers and controlled by respective service providers allowing us to receive SMS online as long as number remain alive because numbers will not be always active. You can however get a permanent number if you become a pro member. But never make use of such sites for

1) Receiving banking information.
2) Requiring SMS verification for each authentication

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