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You may have seen them on products , newspapers , magazines, or any number of other places. You may have even used it without realizing what it is.  Of course i am talking about QR codes which is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code . A lot of big companies have been using QR codes for their marketing efforts, such as BlackBerry , Android , HBO, CK, CNN and many others. You may have seen QR codes in museums, classrooms, realtor signs, newspaper ads, posters, and even on TV. These are the most sophisticated and complex version of the bar codes to which we have become so familiar .

QR details

Quick History :

They appear as an arrangement of black squares against a white background, and contain encoded information (URLs, text, etc.), designed to be read–and sometimes generated by QR readers and smartphones. QR thing was created in Japan in the 1990s, as a parts tracking method for the auto industry, their use is currently more widespread in Asian countries than in the US. However, the expanding use of smartphones is creating more interest around the world. The information encoded can be made up of any kind of data (e.g. binary, alphanumeric, or Kanji symbols)

Why its Powerful ?

  • The best thing is that everything about QR codes is free 🙂 !
  • You can create a QR code for free at different sites such as BeQRious.com, qrcode.kaywa.com , goQR.me, generator.beetagg.com or even Google’s URL shortener service.
  • The scanner apps are also free to download on any smartphone.
  • You can easily make a QR code pointing to any Web Page and download the QR image file and attach it to your e-mail signature, upload it as a Facebook profile photo, print it or post it elsewhere online and offline .
  • There are several QR-conversion sites that can also encode maps, text, phone numbers or RSS feeds.
  • Generating a QR Code for your business is a surprisingly easy process and pretty innovative way to promote your business

Applications of QR codes :

Business cards — Put a QR Code at the backside of your business card. The recipient scans the code to import your contact information.

Website — Add a QR code to your website so that your readers can instantly download your mobile blog app .

Products— Include a QR code on the product to drive users to online portal or instructional videos.

Campaign — Great for a teaser campaign for launch of  a new movie or TV show. People would scan the QR code to watch the sneak preview or teaser from their mobile phone.

Shopping cart — Users can scan the code in to get cool discounts at the store.


QR code for BLOG404.com

As smartphones make access to information easier, the recent trend in QR codes have brought them to a new and superior level of efficiency providing an instant connection between clients and consumers . They also create a community as users have access to materials only available through the code.

The QR Code can be an effective marketing medium . It also can be tracked and provide a wealth of analytics data for a marketing campaign .Thus the potential for QR Codes is limitless.The next generation of barcodes will hold even more information – so much that an Internet connection will not even be necessary.  The content will be effectively embedded in the code. It’s amazing to consider where this can go.

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    Never think about QR codes so deeply and certainly they can be used for marketing purposes no doubt about it. You must have a plan so that you can properly implement it and get desired result.

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    QR codes are not new to people involved in online marketing. These nifty little squares really have some unique ways to help users. The 2D image can can hold information both vertically and horizontally. QR codes is the solution to quickly and efficiently deliver one’s messages.

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