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Facebook is the only reason why I remember birthdays ! . Facebook atleast doesn’t suck in Reminding us of Birthdays . There are various apps which offer birthday gifts like cake , party hat , greeting cards etc , for which you need to buy facebook credits ! If you just want to wish your friend , then simplest way is to head over the wall and wish with most awesome greeting .


However there are certain people who fail to notice that lil notification reminder . For these people you can take help of an app called Autobudder. It’s a facebook app not developed by facebook working on a simple concept of automatically posting birthday wishes on the wall of those having their birthdays . This is a simple and not at all spammy

How to use :

Register yourself by giving permission and set your time zone and job is done.
Now your friends will be getting Happy Birthday wishes . What’s great thing about this app is that you may also custom the greeting .

With AutoBudder your customized birthday greeting will get posted on your Friends wall sharp at 12 o’clockbefore anyone else can wish him.

You can also configure a common message to be sent to all your Friends.
You can also choose to ignore some friends, and nothing will be posted on their wall on their birthday.
You can also use first or last name in the greeting .
Now you will never forget to wish birthday to anyone on Facebook, ever! That’s it !

Its hassle free, doubles as a birthday calendar, and at times, just helps maintain those social commitments !
Go to this app  here

4 thoughts on “Wish Facebook friends automatically on Birthdays

  1. Reply Jamal@broccoli soup Aug 2,2011 8:52 pm

    Last year I was completely forgot about my birthday but when I opened my excite mail account and found message happy birthday “Jamal” . It was really very exciting for me.
    I am not regular user of facebook but I will explore the application that you have mentioned in the article.

  2. Reply Tessa@Portland Web Design Sep 16,2011 6:31 pm

    Thanks for giving this app to my notification as I am really worrying of wishing 5 or 6 daily. It is must for me to wish my friends, so this automatic app will more helpful for me to stay tuned with my buddies as a part of his/her birthday.

  3. Reply Jeanie@Facebook Templates Oct 7,2011 1:22 pm

    An excellent application! I always have problems with my friends’ birthdays. .. I do not always remember them)))))))) So this application will help me very much. Thanks a lot for this post)

  4. Reply GOKUL Mar 6,2012 4:41 pm

    Hi, you can wish your facebook friend’s birthday automatically by using the application http://www.fumes.me , which takes your friends list and send it as send by you in his/her wall. FEEL the feature of sending different birthday messages to each friends. http://www.fumes.me

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