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Now Upload Images on Twitter , thanks to PhotoBucket 7

If you still tweet from smartphone or desktop clients , then its time you open the web version of twitter o check out the new Twitter feature . Yes ! Twitter has finally unveiled its new photo service and it’s a pretty different from what most people expected. Normally, users had to upload photos to thiriod-party services like twitpic , yfrog etc and insert the links in the tweets. That required several steps and moving between a couple of sites .

When writing a new tweet, users will now get the option of uploading a photo . The pic is uploaded to the Photobucket servers, but the process is completely opaque to the user, everything happens on Twitter .

Twitter has officially started to roll out their image upload option for those that post directly from the Web. Currently users can upload images up to 3 MB or smaller, and it will be hosted by Photobucket. When you upload the image, a small thumbnail preview will appear below the text field for your tweet.

Also , Twitter also has done away with their old version of the website, so users can view these uploaded images in their stream by clicking on the tweet . According to Twitter’s detail page for this new feature :

Other third-party image hosts like Twitpic will still function the same way. In the future Twitter will be adding a gallery feature for these images, and supposedly it will include these third-party images as well. Currently images are only on an individual basis, and are directly connected to the tweet.If you delete a tweet, the hosted image will also be deleted. However, if you protect your account (blocks the public from viewing your tweets) any previously public images will result in a 404 error.

Why Photobucket ?

When was the last time you actually used Photobucket ? I havnt used it when i came to know about the big players – twitpic , yfrog . Even though i wouldnt tweet those images , i used to sign in via twitter and use the image link and give to others . Still , Photobucket hosts around 8.5 billion files with an average size of 85K, and serves three to four billion photos every day. Adding Twitter photos will have giant impact . This doesn’t mean twitter acquired photobucket , it will just use their server for image storage . I guess Twitter would surely have approached yfrog and twitpic ,but then merging with them would result in loss of traffic and income for these photo sharing services . Photobucket initially did not actually let you upload and tweet to your twitter directly and that’s why , it might have partnered with twitter .

Twitter is going to be heavily integrated with Apple’s iOS 5, the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and this will be one of the reason to compete  . And i expect Twitter will also be allowing third-party developers to access the API for this feature in the future. I can see a lot of possibilities with more interactive marketing campaigns

The only issue I currently see with this feature, is that you are limited to uploading one photo at a time 🙁  Some mobile apps for Twitter allow you to upload several pieces of media at the same time.

Twitter also announced that it will enable users to send photos from their phones via MMS, as soon as it’s done signing partnerships with carriers around the world. Now tweets would be more fun 😀

Are you happy that twitter choose photobucket for photo storage ?

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  1. Reply Jamal@broccoli soup Aug 15,2011 5:46 pm

    Now more than 95% bloggers are writing about Google + and its competition with facebook. But out 50 blog I have found one where a post is written about PhotoBucket. I think you have in depth feelings for twitter.

  2. Reply reeha@cheap desinger handbags Aug 16,2011 8:51 pm

    Wow. nice to see that Twitter is going to be heavily integrated with Apple’s iOS 5. i never read and knew about this but thanks to you for providing me this info. I will try this apps after a while .

  3. Reply Rajib Kumar @ SEO eBook Aug 26,2011 10:19 am

    I think its will increase more flexibility on Twitter. Thanks for share.

  4. Reply Alfee@Best Carry On Luggage Sep 7,2011 10:35 pm

    I wonder why Twitter took so long to roll out their own image-sharing capability in the first place.

  5. Reply reeha@"super sale" Sep 13,2011 10:03 pm

    picture sharing ability of Facebook is more useful than other social media. but when talking about twitter photo bucked is must and important.

  6. Reply Alicia Cervera@trump tower hollywood fl Oct 4,2011 8:14 am

    Photobucket is really a good tool for uploading photos in your tweet. However, there’s a negative side of it. You’re right, it can only upload one photo at a time. Maybe they can come up with a more convenient and more pictures that can be uploaded in one tweet – all in one.

  7. Reply reeha@gift ideas Oct 4,2011 3:45 pm

    Photo Bucket is very useful and best plugin for sharing photos. this is the most powerful tool.

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