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Internet Explorer is a browser developed by Microsoft. Windows Internet Explorer (formerly Microsoft Internet Explorer) is based on the Trident render engine, which does not follow the W3C Web Standards and is the most annoying and hated yet most used browser of all times.

IE browser always had a high percentage in browser share market .  Although there are many versions of IE  , only IE7 and IE8 are now available for download by Microsoft for XP . Windows 7 users can access IE 9 and 10 too . And you can at a time have only one IE installed on your Windows . And old IE versions have a lot of complications and do not display your website correctly and this can cost a lot if the people following your website use these old IE’s . It becomes necessary to check your website on every other browser in order to debug website so that it can be compatible with atleast last 2 or 3 versions of IE which has the major traffic from !

And for this its better to use a portable app browser  .

A portable application if you dunno is a computer software program designed to run independently from an operating system. This type of application is stored on a removable storage device such as a CD, USB flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk – storing its program files, configuration information and data on the storage medium alone.

And the advantage is that portable applications can be run on any computer system with which they are compatible but typically require a specific operating system (such as Microsoft Windows XP or above, certain version of a Linux distro, etc.) .

Ok , so Here is a complete collection that allows you to install and run IE right from the version 1 to the latest IE8 final.

Since every version of IE is portable so you don’t need to worry if it will mess up your computer or not.

If you want to download Bing Bar then check this link .

Internet Explorer Collection also includes the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar 1.00.2188.0.  This Explorer Bar provides a variety of tools which make troubleshooting websites easier. The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher when using Windows 2000 or higher.

Internet Explorer Collection contains the following versions of IE:

  • Internet Explorer 1.0 (4.40.308)
  • Internet Explorer 1.5 (
  • Internet Explorer 2.01 (2.01.046)
  • Internet Explorer 3.0 (3.0.1152)
  • Internet Explorer 3.01 (3.01.2723)
  • Internet Explorer 3.03 (3.03.2925)
  • Internet Explorer 4.01 (4.72.3110.0)
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 (5.00.3314.2100)
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 (5.51.4807.2300)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (6.00.2800.1106)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (6.00.2900.2180)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 (7.00.5730.13)
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 (8.00.6001.18702)

This Portable version of Internet explorer 8 is best way to use in Pen drives . No need to install , just open the application and start using it. In this way you can check how your website/blog looks when visitors open it in their software versions of IE

Link : http://http://utilu.com/IECollection/

Mirrors : mirror.edskes.com |  mirror.edskes.net

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  1. Reply Zone Android May 14,2011 1:19 am

    I have use IE for 10 years and I will continue to use it. I like IE. thanks for your post 🙂

  2. Reply Nguyen@Peel 520 May 17,2011 12:37 am

    It’s Great.
    I used IE when i use internet.
    Thanks for post !

  3. Reply Rajesh@Bypass Sharecash May 17,2011 11:04 pm

    Well, I am not a great admirer of IE since I use Firefox. But, I think I should have this collection as it sounds really good… all versions under one download. Great!!! 🙂

  4. Reply Techlinking May 18,2011 1:21 am

    I love internet explorer. Thank you for your sharing.

  5. Reply persian boy Mar 23,2012 12:32 am

    Firefox is best browser !
    Because all three sites that are designed with CSS3 are not supported by Internet Explorer as well.
    But Firefox does support CSS3 well.
    Forgive me if I did not speak English well.

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