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It’s  great news for Blogspot users ! Google’s Blogger service has introduced 27 mobile templates that can be used to create smartphone-friendly blogs. Now blogger blogs can be made mobilephone-friendly by enabling the mobile template option from the Blogspot dashboard

Finally the much-needed update for Blogspot is here  😛 And with that Google is getting really serious about its service Blogger as Google have fulfilled the most requested feature . Before this update , blogspot blog’s used to get aligned in a cluttered way in a very unfriendly , rather ugly way ! And with this update , the ugly stepchild of the blogging world got a superb makeover by the Google staff icon biggrin Now Activate Mobile Templates for Blogspot   This will boost your blogs readership because a large number of people using their smart phones to surf internet and the number is increasing day by day.You can preview or turn off the mobile version under settings.  Once enabled Blogger will automatically switch to a mobile template whenever some one access your blog from a mobile device.No extra coding or messing around is required for this. You can make you blog optimized for mobile viewing irrespective of whether you have chosen a template from Template Designer or you have a custom-built .

How to enable ?

To get started,  Visit your Blogger Dashboard

Head onto ‘Settings‘ for a particular blog.

Once you have opted for this mobile template option , visitors to your blog will see a mobile version of it when they open it via Mobile / SmartPhone.

I logged in to my Blogger dashboard and I found this popping out and asking me If I want to switch on the Mobile templates for my blogger .And let me tell you, this awesome feature is really impressive and works just like as in wordpress.com blogs . What more you can also preview the mobile template right from your PC.

For this just go to: http://yourblogspotblog.blogspot.com/?m=1

What’s Cool :

  • Mobile ads ! YEAH and that means Adsense support . AdSense ads will be displayed at the top of the post pages and at the bottom of the index page if the blog has an AdSense gadget or in-line blog ads
  • Get a glimpse of how your blog will be displayed by clicking on the Mobile Preview button.
  • You can also see it on your smartphone by scanning the QR-code.
  • Automatic redirection making viewers see the mobile version of your blog when accessing from smartphone
  • Some gadgets are also supported
  • Viewers on smartphone devices will be able to make comments and watch videos.

Note: Mobile templates will be visible only on Mobiles with webkit-based mobile browsers.
Have you updated your Blogspot’s Mobile template icon wink Now Activate Mobile Templates for Blogspot   ?

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