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Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now ! 6

Today, I am very happy to say,  Google Page Rank has updated in June 2011 and BLOG404 have achieved Google PR 3 (PR 0 before). This is the major Page Rank Update from Google !

It had been long time, Google Page Rank was not updated or perhaps BLOG404?s wasn’t :p BLOG404 was founded in 7th August , 2010 . Page rank from 0 to 3 in 10 months is pretty descent because i have observed top blogs [which are from decades ] having a fall in page rank to 2 , 1 and 0 ! from 4 , 5 ! icon razz Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now ! only because they sell text link ads and write lots of sponsored not relevant to their niche .

Even though Google Pagerank is not everything when it comes to some good traffic from organic search engines as there are many factors when it comes to rocking the SERP’s , still it plays a huge role and is a huge factor when it comes to getting quick approval from awesome ad networks like BuySellAds , Adsense etc .


As you can see , there are 61 posts in 10 months [ approx 6 posts in 1 month ] or Page rank would have been increased to PR4 because , more the posts , more the internal linking , more the backlinks blah blah …

741 Approved comments and that mean 12 [genuine] comments per post as an average .

These 465 spammy comments should scare you make you clear to not to self promote yourself by writing about your spammy brand’s entire wiki in the comment ! You can write that in the Commentator’s name itself because we have Keyword Love plugin installed . Take advantage of that [ Check Comment Policy ] and don’t use affiliate link in your website URL for God’s sake icon rolleyes Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now !  !

I also see my BLOGSPOT blog – QwertyWEB reaching from PR 0 to PR2 inspite of no posting since a year icon biggrin Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now ! . Another reason to celebrate !

How can this benefit you ?

BLOG404 is a Do-Follow + Keyword Love + Comment Love Blog !

By becoming an awesome commentator , you get to squeeze some of my Link juice and that means your website/blog gets good backlinks =D and automatically get traffic from search engines + our blog [as a referring site ]

For those people who don’t see their links as Do-Follow in comments – I have installed Link Love Plugin . This WordPress plugin will count the number of approved comments each commentator has left on my blog and then reward that blogger with a Do-follow link in the Comment . I have number of comments to 10 . That means if the number of approved comments > or = 10, then only the commentator will have Do-follow link. That does not mean you go on a comment spree and comment on 10 different posts anything stupid . The comment should look genuine for the purpose of social discussion and not for sake of getting backlinks !

Also my Twitter Profile – @AjinkyaForYou has got Page Rank 5 ! [initially 4  ] . Yes ! Even twitter profiles have a Page rank icon mrgreen Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now !

My goal for the next PageRank update is to achieve a PageRank of 5 or above for BLOG404 , PageRank 3 or above for QwertyWEB as i will soon start publishing new posts . I know that will be pretty difficult taking into consideration I have to write a huge number of posts and get some delicious quality of backlinks . I am ready for that icon biggrin Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now ! . And for twitter profile , more than 6 would be just awesome .

Wassup with you guys ? What’s Page Rank update from your side ?

6 thoughts on “Yay ! We are Page Rank 3 now !

  1. Reply cheap designer handbags Jul 11,2011 2:03 pm

    From when i read this post i am much glad that you are at page rank three now. congrats on this achievement and i agree its only because of your hard work and sincere work. hoping that you will get many more congrats from me.

  2. Reply SeoDezin@fred loya insurance Jul 11,2011 9:13 pm

    Congratulation on achieving Page Rank three of your site. I am also thankful to you because of sharing of your work policy related to your blog.

  3. Reply Olawale Daniel@Tech Blog Jul 29,2011 11:58 am

    Congrats friend. I don’t know before that twitter page also can get ranked on PR. Thanks for the information 🙂

  4. Reply Rajib @ SEO ebook Jul 29,2011 6:22 pm

    Congratulation!!! It’s really great. Achieving PR3 not an easy task.

  5. Reply Jamal@broccoli soup Jul 31,2011 2:00 pm

    I love the post in which you have explained PR history and nature of your blog but sometimes plug-ins capture your real visitors and throw them in spammer folder.I think there should be some sort of check in this regard.

  6. Reply Andrew Clarke@primelending dallas tx Oct 30,2011 2:27 am

    This is quite an achievement. Hard work paid off. I think making your blog a Do-Follow, Keyword Love, and Comment Love Blog is a good move. A lot of bloggers do hesitate to have these plugins installed as they think that it might get abused by blog commentators. I think it’s healthy not only for the commenter, but especially for the blog itself. As long as comments will be modified, it should work out very well for the blog owner as well.

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