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Now DoFollow and CommentLuv powered ! 27

Now DoFollow and CommentLuv powered !
We are happy to announce that we have turned BLOG404 to DoFollow !   Now, all the comments and all outgoing links will be DoFollow .  For those coming around this term ‘DoFollow’ for the first time , Read What exactly is Do-Follow ? Now Blog404 too supports  “Do- Follow movement ” . I can confirm ...

Blog 404 is here ! 7

Blog 404 is here !
Heyyo , Howdy ?             Blog  Blog404 is here ………….. At-last we finally Moved from Blogspot to WordPress after starting Toddler  journey from Google’s blogging platform -Blogspot to the Most famous Magical wizard of all blogging platforms – WordPress !              Now , after having stuffed with good knowledge and enormous exposure in the online world ...